The Sacred Fruit Guardians, better known as "FLAVOR GIRLS", are four women capable of using extraordinary abilities given by Mother Nature to fight evil foes named Agartha, who obviously came to Earth with the worst intentions. Follow the incredible adventures of NAOKO, CAMILLE, V and SARA,
and unveil the deepest secrets of our planet !
Naoko is born in Saitama, where she spent 13 years of her life before the arrival of Agartha, and the terrible events that followed. Believing she is responsible for the death of her best friend Rumiko, she is haunted by guilt, and lost the support of her neighborhood and relatives. Since the day she has been chosen to be a Flavor Girl, she is training as hard as she can, focusing on defeating the monsters that took away her childhood.

She only find peace of mind when she's swimming, an activity she is practising everyday. When she’s in the water,
she can finally relax and cast away the demons of her past… She is the eldest and the most mature of the Flavor Girls, she has a strong sense of duty and sacrifice. For these reasons she is considered the "leader" of the FG, the one you can rely on and the little protégée of Master Himiko.
なおこは埼玉県に生まれた。アガルタという厄災が当たった時13歳でした。彼女は真面目な気質であるので毎日厳しい特訓しています。義理と約束を守るのが大切なことです。大人っぽいの態度によって、仲間から「お姉さん」 と呼ばれています。なおこは泳ぐのが大好きです。水の中にいると過去の暗い思い出が忘れられます。
Camille comes from Cape Town in South Africa. She is extrovert and carefree, she loves to make sarcastic jokes and see the fun in every situation. Thanks to her attitude, she is appreciated by everyone : she's "the glue who makes the four Flavor Girls stick together peacefully", says Himiko. She smiles and jokes a lot, but like many shiny people, she also hides a darker part. She can be really impulsive and short-tempered. When she's angry, she can lose her mind and commit terrible acts.  She doesn't see the point of having powers and not being able to use them to make justice - her own justice - someday resulting of her "taking care" of her family problems, and causing a huge mess. She listens to music whenever she can. She loves all kind of music, has a passion for bats and she never misses an occasion to drink with her friends !

V is an enigma. We don’t know where she’s from and what is her real name. Everyone calls her “V”, because she brings Victory to humans even in desperate situations. When people are seing her in action, their panic turns to confidence, and they start to raise their hands, calling for the victory to come. It is said that she never lost a battle : V is the most powerful Flavor Girl, she defeats her opponents with an astonishing ease ! But she never takes pride or enjoy it. She doesn't speak much and prefers to stay alone, although she enjoys drinking moments with Camille (even if she doesn't get all her jokes). She likes to fix things and visit arts museums (alone). 

Vは何者ですか?。どこの出身か本当の名前誰も知らない。Vは戦争の天才ですので決して ファイト が負けなかった。だからこそ皆で「V」-ビクトリーと呼ばれている。フレーバーガールに一番

Sara recently became a Flavor Girl after being chosen by the Pineapple Sacred Fruit. Until now she was totaly devoted to her studies : she wants to work for the United Nation in Geneva. She's coming from a happy vegan family near the French and Swiss border. Her favorites activities usually involves napping and watching Korean dramas. Studies comes in last position (although she's pretending the opposite). She looks innocent at first sight but don't be fooled, she loves to do pranks, can use complex tricks and cunning tactics to find a way to avoid training or taking a two-hour nap. She understands and speak (although not without many mistakes) many languages (in order to work for the UN, and because it became some sort of hobby),and she can be (when not drunk) a "redoutable" poker player.

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