Himiko is the oldest Guardian of the Sacred Fruits. No one knows her exact age, although some suspects she's way older than she looks. She has devoted all her life to the Old Knowledge and is now the last keeper of its secret, a truth that could shake the whole world. She's too old to fight the Agarthian army by herself but she can count on her four pupils to put their madness to an end.
Who is Irina Kirilenko ? A former linguistics expert of the Association of Sovereign States, and the only human to have been in contact with Agartha and is still alive. And what does she want ? Traitor or ally, no one can tell, as no one can predict her next move : Irina is always one step ahead of the Flavor Girls, like if she has a sixth sense. Some says the eye she lost the day of the "First Encounter" has been replaced by a piece of Agarthian technology, and she is now teaming up with them as their informer on Earth...
Matilda was formerly a sport teacher from Northern Europe who decided to join The Temple after a deadly Agarthian attack on her city killed her husband and injured many. She is an energic person and is be trusted by everyone, especially V (which is rare enough to be noted)
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